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Research Group Leader at the EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, UK

I am a life scientist fond of image processing who fell in love with computer graphics. I hold a MSc in Bioengineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on spline and approximation theory for image analysis.

My work focuses on the development of continuous approaches to quantify, describe, and model objects in bioimages. My current research interests are a mix of computational geometry, statistical shape analysis, machine learning, and biology.

I am leading a bioimage quantification research group at the EMBL-EBI in Cambridge, UK. We are interdisciplinary: we do theoretical research on geometrical modelling, we implement algorithms to extract morphology-related information from images, and we use all of this to understand living systems in the context of collaborative projects with experimentalists. We regularly have internship opportunities for researchers with an applied maths or computer science backgound, and we recruit PhD students through the EMBL International PhD Programme. If you would like to help us building bridges between computer vision and biology, drop me an e-mail!

I firmly believe that the best kind of science stems from collaborations. As such, one of the things I like the most is connecting scientific communities. I contributed to the development of the Theory Transversal Theme at EMBL, an organization-wide effort to establish a new research programme promoting theory-guided paths to biological discovery that I now have the immense honor to co-chair.

Being a first-generation and female scientist, I deeply care about doing my part in making academia a more welcoming and inclusive environment. Towards this goal, I engage in public events in which I tell about some science that I find exciting or being a human in the scientific world. I am also a mathematics and science ambassador in elementary schools in my home country, Switzerland.

As much as I enjoy science, I need a good chunk of climbing and birds in my life to be my whole self.

Please note that this is my personal website and is not related to the institution I currently work in. As I enjoy the analog life more than the digital one, be aware that the content of this website might not be up to date.

I am grateful to the Stack Overflow user community for their precious advice and help in designing this webpage.